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Video:How to Make a Fall Wreath Using Only Leaves

with Abby Feldman

A fall wreath is a great way to bring the best of autumn into your home. Using colorful autumn leaves in a wreath will add warmth and vibrancy to your home decor.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Fall Wreath Using Only Leaves

Hi there! I’m Abby for About.com. Now, fall is one of my favorite seasons the changing leaves are a great inspiration for decorating ideas. Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a beautiful wreath using autumn leaves that will add warmth and vibrance to any home.

To Make a Fall Wreath, You Will Need:

  • One round wreath base
  • Seven to ten fabric leaf stems

Tuck Leaves into Wreath Base

To start, take one leaf stem and carefully tuck into the wreath base at a slight angle. Make sure that the end of the stem is completely tucked and hidden in the back of the base. If it’s a bit too long, once you have it secure in the base go ahead and trim the end of the stem until you can no longer see it from the front of the wreath. Next, you’re going to continue this same step until you’ve completely covered the entire wreath base. Once your base is covered, adjust the leaves so that they blend into one another making it look like one piece.

Hang Fall Wreath Using a Suitable Hook

Now you’re ready to secure on the door you choose. When hanging a wreath on the front door, there are a couple of ways to do it. If you have a glass door try a suction cup hook. They’re strong and won’t damage your glass. If you have a wooden front door, try using a plastic adhesive hook. They now make ones that are easily removed and that won’t leave any residue behind. So there you have it, a beautiful wreath that’ll spice up your home this autumn.

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