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Video:How to Clean a Pool

with Scott Schmitz

Think about cleaning your pool as you think of cleaning a bathtub - sure, no one wants to do it, but who wants to put their body in it unless it's sparkling? Learn how to thoroughly clean a pool, and then get to work!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Pool

Hi, I'm Scott Schmitz with All American Custom Pools and Spas in Norwalk Connecticut, for About.com. Today we're going to be showing you how to clean your swimming pool.

Why Clean a Pool?

It's important to do this because nobody wants a dirty pool. Debris falls in a pool - leaves things behind on the finishes. Things like that can stain your swimming pools. So, today I'm going to show you how to clean your tiles, vacuum your pool, and just give it an overall good appearance.

Skim the Swimming Pool

Now, we're going to clean your swimming pool. What Robert's doing right now is he's going to skim the surface of the pool. You want to do this to take any floating debris off the top, because that stuff has a tendency to sink to the bottom and after you vacuum the pool you don't want to have to do it again. So, you take the stuff off the top first.

Notice the motion he's using. That will also pull debris off of the tile band and work it all toward you. So, it's not a labor to do it. Also notice how deep the skimmer he's using is. Spend a couple of bucks, buy a bigger skimmer net. It'll be worth it in the long run.

Clean the Pool Tiles

What Robert's going to do right now is clean the pool tiles. It's important to do this every week. If you do it every week, it'll never become a problem. Sun tan lotion, sweat, all the stuff that comes off of your skin plates itself onto the tile band. So, he's applying a product, a tile cleaner. And he's going to use an aggregate sponge, so to speak, to take it off.

The product he used has an enzyme in it. Enzymes tend to break down organic material. If you clean your tiles every week, instead of waiting until they get very dirty it's going to be as simple as what he's doing right now. You'll never see anything on them.

Prepare to Vacuum the Swimming Pool

What Robert's about to do now is vacuum the swimming pool. He's going to put a vacuum head onto that pole. And then he's going to connect the hose to it. Now, not everybody does this. But it's the easiest way to get your hose in the water so it goes without kinks and it's easier to sink the hose if you stretch it out straight first and get all of its kinks out of it and coils.

What Robert's doing right now is sinking the hose. What that means is he's getting all of the air that's in that hose out of it. You'll see water coming out of the other end before he sets it into the water. Now your hose is sunk. When he plugs it into the skimmer line, the system will not lose prime, because it will be filled with water.

Losing prime means the pump's becoming air-bound. If you didn't sink the hose, meaning fill it with water, and just stuck it in, the pump would pull only air. Now what Robert's doing is plugging the hose into the skimmer. That's where he's going to draw his suction from.

Vacuum the Swimming Pool

Now Robert's vacuuming the swimming pool. And it's just as simple as vacuuming your rug. Go side to side until you've covered the whole floor. Once a week should be good. If you have a vinyl liner swimming pool, it requires the use of a different vacuum head that has brushes on it. And it's actually important that you use that.

It's always good that you let the vacuum head sit in the pool for 15 seconds or so, incase any debris is in the line. It then gets sucked through. Pool hoses are rolled like fire hoses, they have to be coiled as you're rolling them up.

Brush the Pool Clean

So, what Robert's going to do now is brush the swimming pool. Concrete had little nooks and crannies in it - so do vinyl liners. You can't always see algae and stain and things that get within these nooks and crannies. Every pool has a filter. That filter will catch this stuff, filter it out. Notice he's not scrubbing hard, he's letting the brush do the work. You don't have to scrub it, you're just running the brush off to take the loose stuff up. As he brushes, you still get a small cloud of stuff puffing off.

Clean Pools Weekly

So far, we've skimmed the pool, we've cleaned the tiles, we've vacuumed the pool, and we brushed the pool. I recommend doing these things every week.

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