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Video:Framed Lattice Panel Fence

with Max and Jonathan

Learn how to build a framed lattice panel fence for your yard or patio.See Transcript

Transcript:Framed Lattice Panel Fence

Hi, my name is Max with Modern Urban Design Landscaping for, and today we’re going to teach you how to build this framed, lattice panel fence.

Supplies Needed to Build a Lattice Panel Fence

Materials You’ll Need:
  • Lattice Paneling
  • Pressure-treated 4x4 Posts
  • 2x4s
  • 5/4” Board
  • Concrete
  • Wood Screws
  • Post Caps (optional)

Construct a Lattice Panel

Begin by cutting your 2x4s to length, and laying the lattice panel on top of them, making sure to leave a little space between the edge of the panel and the edge of the board. Make sure that all stamps and lumber yard markings are facing in, and then sandwich the panel between the two 2x4s. Complete the panel all the way around, and then square the corners by making sure that the diagonal measurements are equal.

Clamp the panel in place, and then screw the two 2x4s together, making sure to put a screw ever eight to ten inches. You now have one complete lattice panel. Stretch a string at the height of the top of the fence, and then make sure it’s level by using a string-line level.

Attach the Second Post

Alright, well, we’ve completed our panel and our post is nailed up to the wall, now we’re going to attach the two by shimming into place, and then attaching our second post. We’re doing that so that we can eliminate the gaps between the posts and the panel. Often times if we try to put the posts in first and then slot the panel in second, something will have shifted and we’ll end up with gaps. This way, we eliminate gaps.

Cement the Post into Place

Determine where your panel will end, and then dig a whole to accommodate the post. Securely attach the panel to your first post, and then attach it to the second, loose post, making sure it is level by using the string-line. You are now ready to cement your post into place.

Next we attach our 5/4 board as a cap plate. We’re attaching it from underneath to avoid unsightly screws (make sure your screws are just the right length, so they go into the top board, but do not poke through the surface).

Place Post Caps

Finally, we place our post-caps. Measure and mark the desired height, and cut the tops of the posts to size. Generously apply outdoor glue to the underside of the post-cap, and place it on the post.

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