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Video:Best Texas Hold 'Em Hands

with Jennifer Shahade

Certain hands are better than others when starting out a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Here's a quick guide to the best hands to draw in Texas Hold 'Em.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Texas Hold 'Em Hands

Hello and welcome to About.com. I'm Jennifer Shahade and today we're going to talk about the best starting hands for No Limit Texas Hold 'Em.

Top 3 Texas Hold 'Em Hands

The hand that every poker player dreams of, pocket aces. It's always fun to get this hand, especially if we can get all the money in pre-flop. Other hands that always bring a smile to my face are pocket kings, the second best hand, and pocket queens, the third best hand. And let's not forget about our pocket jacks. Unfortunately, we're only going to get, for instance, pocket kings, fewer than 1 out of every 200 hands.

Ace-King Is a Good Hand

Another hand I really like is ace-king, especially when it's suited. One of the great things about ace-king is that if your opponent also has an ace, you're usually going to have them outkicked. And that means if an ace flops, you may just win a lot of money. The other good thing about ace-king is that when you get all your chips in pre-flop, you're rarely going to be a big underdog. The only hands that completely crush ace-king pre-flop are pocket aces or kings, and as we discussed earlier, those are pretty hard to get. If you're playing ace-king all in pre-flop against a pair like nines or deuces, you're going to be about 50/50 to win the hand. That's why they call ace-king vs. a pair besides aces or kings a coinflip or a race.

Other Strong Texas Hold 'Em Hands

Another hand that can be fun to play especially when you're deep stacked or have a lot of chips in comparison to the blinds and the antes is something like nine eight of clubs. The great thing about this hand is that it's of the same suit and it's connected, which means it can make straights and flushes and, on a really lucky day, it can make a straight flush. If you do make a straight or a flush and your opponent has a premium hand, say aces or kings, you may just make a lot of money if your opponent is not able to lay it down. Just remember, you're not always going to pick up pocket aces. But if you're patient, you're going to pick up some premium hands too.

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