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Video:Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Makeover

with Kim Johnson Gross

Knowing what works for your body is the key to fashion confidence. Style expert Kim Johnson Gross provides tips for all body types on how to dress to look your best.See Transcript

Transcript:Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Makeover

Hi, I'm Kim Johnson Gross.
It's not about looking slimmer, it's about looking your best by wearing clothes that balance your proportions and highlight your favorite features.

Women's Plus Size Wardrobe

Don't pay attention to size, pay attention to fit. Clothes that fit will flatter your body much more than trying to squeeze into a smaller size.

Don't hide your body under loose clothes. They will only make you look bigger. Find a good tailor to get the best fit.

Monochromatic tones are slimming and will make you look taller. But use color and pattern strategically to bring focus to your favorite features.

Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Undergarments

The right undergarment will flatter your silhouette. Look for body slimmers which will take the bulges out of your body. And wearing a cami under your shirt or sweater can also smooth out the bulges.

For proportion you may want to insert soft shoulder pads or wear a bra minimizer.

Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Fabrics

The right fabric can make you look like you've lost weight. Go for soft fabrics that hug your body but allow you to move in a very feminine, easy manner. Avoid fabrics that are too clingy or too stiff, as they'll just make you look heavier.

Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Cuts

Skirts and pants that taper at the hem are often more flattering than styles that are loose or baggy. Avoid wearing skirts that are wider than they are long.

Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Accessories

Plus sized women should not be afraid to wear bold accessories, just place it strategically to bring focus to that part of your body.

Other Women's Plus Size Wardrobe Tips

Remember sizes vary among designers and manufacturers, so don't get hung-up on size. And when you find a fit that works for you, buy in multiples. Sometimes we buy things that we don't actually wear, so always keep the price tag on a garment until you do.

Take the time to find the best fit and garment for your shape and always emphasize your favorite features.

This is Kim Johnson Gross About Style.
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