How to Unclog Drains with Grease Buildup Video
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Video:Unclog Drains: Grease Buildup

with Debbie Anderson

Unclog a kitchen sink drain backed up with grease buildup. With plain dish washing soap and hot water, you can easily unclog a drain without any hard chemicals. Check out this video to learn how.See Transcript

Transcript:Unclog Drains: Grease Buildup

Hi! Im Debbie Anderson for! Overtime, kitchen sink drains can become clogged up with grease buildup due to oily food particles and greasy pots and pans being emptied down the sink drain. So today, Im going to show you how to non-offensively unclog that grease buildup in your kitchen sink drain by using a common household product you may already have stored underneath your kitchen sink and a few other simple resources from around the home!

Items Needed to Unclog a Drain:

  • 16 ounces of liquid de-greasing dish soap
  • a clear measuring cup
  • a large cooking pot filled with tap water

Unclog a Drain with Hot Water

After removing any food particles or excess water built-up in the sink, pour all 16 ounces of liquid de-greasing dish soap down the sink drain. Allow the dish soap to sit in the clogged drain pipe for approximately 30 minutes. Next, using a large cooking pot, heat up approximately one gallon of tap water on the stove top burner until the water comes to a rapid boil. While holding the pot of water far enough away from your body for safety, slowly pour the scolding hot water down the kitchen sink drain.

Continue to pour the scolding hot water down the clogged drain pipe until there are no more dish soap bubble in the sink drain. Repeat this process every week for the next few weeks and about once a month thereafter to avoid any future grease buildup clogs in your sink drain. Thank you for watching! To learn more, please visit us on the web at!

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