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Video:How to Locate and Shut Off Toilet Water Supply

with Debbie Anderson

Before there's a pool of water on the bathroom floor, it's a great idea to learn how to shut off toilet water supply. See these helpful instructions on how to easily shut off toilet water supply.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Locate and Shut Off Toilet Water Supply

Hi I'm Debbie Anderson for

Preventing an Overflowing Toilet

There's nothing worse than having an overflowing toilet that just refuses to stop letting the water run into the toilet bowl, so today I'm going to show you how to locate and shut off the local water supply to stop the toilet from continuing to overflow with water.

Before Shutting Off the Water Supply

First, if the toilet is still running water into the toilet bowl, always try to jiggle the handle on the toilet's water tank a little bit to see if that will help stop the water from flowing into the toilet bowl.

If the water still continues to run into the toilet bowl, remove any trash bins or other items located directly near the base of the toilet, then store these items in a location that is a safe distance away from the toilet.

Preparing to Shut Off the Water Supply

Once the area around the toilet has been cleared out, lay down a few old towels around the base of the toilet to collect any water that may flow out of the toilet bowl while you are working on the toilet.

Locating the Water Supply

Next, lean down and look behind the back of the toilet to locate the water line running from the wall into the back of the toilet.

Shutting Off the Water Supply

On this local water line running into the toilet, you will see a handle attached to the water line.

Twist this handle in a clockwise direction until the handle has been turned as far as it can go.

The water should now stop running.

Finally, once you have been able to repair the problem with the toilet that caused it to overflow in the first place, turn the water line handle in a counter-clockwise direction to restore water flow to the toilet.

And with there you have it! A fast and safe way to prevent an overflowing toilet from running all over the floor!

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