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Video:How to Fix a Slow Toilet Handle

with Debbie Anderson

This video demonstrates how to fix a slow toilet handle. If you have to hold down the handle for a long time before the toilet will flush, follow these simple steps to fix a slow toilet handle.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Slow Toilet Handle

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com.

When It's Necessary to Fix a Toilet Handle

If you have ever had hold the flush handle down for long periods of time just to get the toilet to flush, you are probably wondering why the wait? So today I'm going to show you how to fix one of the most common reasons for why your toilet flush handle has to stay down in order for the toilet to flush!

Prepare Your Work Space to Fix a Slow Toilet Handle

For this task you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers. First, remove the tank cover from the top of the toilet tank and place it in a safe area where it will not get bumped or be prone to falling.

Figure Out if the Rubber Flap is Opening All the Way

Next, locate the chain or strap running from the end of the long skinny flush handle rod to the rubber flap in the bottom of the tank. While watching the rubber flap at the bottom of the tank, flush the toilet without holding the flush handle down and observe whether or not the rubber flap is opening all the way.

Reconnect Hook to a Lower Chain Link

If the flapper did not open all the way when the toilet was flushed, use your needle-nose pliers to remove the hook from the end of the long skinny flush handle rod. Then, reconnect the hook to a lower link in the chain and connect the chain back to the end of the long skinny flush handle rod so that the chain length is now shorter between the flush handle and the rubber flap at the bottom of the tank. When shorting the chain length, be sure to leave only a small amount of slack in the chain at the bottom of the tank.

Flush Again to Check

Flush the toilet again to check that the toilet flushes normally and that the rubber flap stays all the way open while the toilet is flushing. Once the toilet flushes properly, place the tank cover back on top of the toilet tank.

And there you have it. No more lingering over the flusher while you are waiting for the toilet to flush.

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