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Video:Fix Shower Water Pressure

with Debbie Anderson

One of the most common problems in the home is diminishing water pressure. Find out how to fix shower water pressure in a few easy steps.See Transcript

Transcript:Fix Shower Water Pressure

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for There is nothing worse than stepping into the shower, only to discover that there is very little, if any water pressure coming from the shower head. So today, I'm going to show you how to deal with that diminishing water pressure in the shower so you can get ready in the morning without having to chase every droplet coming out of your shower head!

Check Water Pressure Elsewhere

Before getting started, the first thing you want to do is double check the water pressure at other water faucets in the home to make sure that the water pressure is good throughout the rest of the house. If only the water pressure in the shower is the problem, there is a good chance the shower head is clogged up causing the water flow to diminish over time.

What You Need to Fix Shower Water Pressure

To fix this problem you will need a pair of adjustable pliers, a roll of Teflon Tape, a bottle of vinegar, a clear measuring cup, a cup of water, a clean rag, an old toothbrush, a pair of scissors, and a clean sponge.

Remove Shower Head

First, remove the old shower head using adjustable pliers. To prevent the pliers from marring the chrome, wrap the jaws of the pliers with tape.

Clean Out the Shower Stem

Once the shower head is removed, use a clean rag to remove any old plumbers putty or Teflon tape left on the threads of the shower stem.

Clean the Strainer

Next, use a light mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water to flush the strainer. Using your old toothbrush, thoroughly scrub out and clean all of the nooks and crannies too! Wipe down the shower head with a clean sponge.

Apply Teflon Tap to Shower Stem

Next, apply Teflon tape to the shower stem before reconnecting the shower head to the shower stem. When applying the Teflon tape, wrap the Teflon tape in the same direction that the shower head threads will tighten back onto the shower stem.

Reconnect Shower Head

Using your adjustable pliers, carefully tighten the shower head onto the shower stem until the shower head is back on “good and snug”. When using your adjustable pliers to tighten down the shower head, be careful not to over-tighten it though, or you can wind up with a leak.

Check the Water Pressure

Finally, turn the shower water on and double check the water pressure. And there you have it. The showers diminishing water pressure problem is solved.

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