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Video:How to Load Games Into a PS3

with Nick Richards

Loading games into your PlayStation 3 is the first step to playing them. This video will show you exactly how to load games into a PS3.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Load Games Into a PS3

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to show you how to load games into your PlayStation 3.

Your PS3 is capable of playing some fantastic games and DVD's. However, it can be a little disconcerting when the machine gobbles up an expensive Blu-Ray DVD or video game.

Make Sure PS3 is Empty

The first thing you should do when loading a game is to make sure the drive is empty. You can tell if a game is still in the machine by switching on the console and heading to the 'Game' menu. If a game is being read by the PS3, an icon will appear, displaying further information about the game in question. To remove the game, press the eject button and the DVD will be ejected into your waiting grasp.

Insert Disc into PlayStation

Now that you know the disk drive is empty, you can safely insert your game. When inserting a game, simply slide the DVD into the slot and the machine will do the rest.

Once your game has been inserted, you can load the game by heading to the game menu to view further information and start the game.

Remember, some games don't require DVD's in order to be played – just click on the game icon to get going.

Make Games Auto-Load When Inserted

There is an option hidden in your system settings that allows you to define whether a game auto-loads when a disk is inserted into the machine. To turn this setting on or off, simply go to Settings > System Settings > Disc Auto-Start.

Now you know how to load a game into your PS3. For more video game tips and tricks, just visit

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