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Video:Simple Exercises for Back Pain

with Donna Zaloom

Want to learn how to do simple exercises for back pain that will alleviate strain? This video will show you how to do some of the most helpful exercises.See Transcript

Transcript:Simple Exercises for Back Pain

Hi, I'm Donna Zaloom, owner of Longevity Pilates in Verona New Jersey, and I'm here for to show you exercise from Pilates to ease back pain.

Information About Back Pain

Most back pain is caused by faulty movement patterns or weak core muscles, but just to be sure, you should go to the doctor first to rule out something more serious. Now just because your back pain isn't serious, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Here are some things you can do that can help you get out of pain and help you stay out of pain. So we are going to start by lying on our back, with our knees bent.

Instructions for Doing Simple Exercises for Back Pain

If you can, you are going to bring one leg out long and you are just going to pull the other knee in. You should feel a stretching in your low back. If this is too painful, bend the other knee. Use your breath to help you. As you exhale, pull the knee in. Repeat this a few times on each side, maybe as many as 10. Then, do the same thing with both legs. Take it slow and gentle, feel the stretch in your low back as you pull those knees in.

If you can, tighten that hold, bring your forehead toward your knees and hug. Rock gently from side to side. Then I would bring the feet back down to the floor, lining the knees up with the hips, arms at your side. We are going to do some very gentle pelvic tilts. Take a big inhale, let the belly rise, and as you exhale, like you are wearing a corset, pull all those muscles in nice and tight and flatten the back of the waist.

More Instructions for Doing Simple Exercises for Back Pain

Feel your bottom come up while the back of the waist stays down. Then release it and come back to what we are going to call neutral, when your hip bones and your pelvic bones are all on the same level. Pelvic tilts are great for the low back. Do at least 10 of these. The next thing you can do is bring your legs up to a liable top position. Now pull that belly in really tightly like you are wearing a corset and somebody is pulley the strings really tight. You are going to lock that knee into that position and hinge that leg down and bring it back up. Do both legs one at a time. Don't expect to go any lower than this if you can. Just make sure that you aren't allowing your back to arch. Then pull both knees into your chest and gently rock from side to side.

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