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Video:How to Do an Exercise Ball Push-Up

with Lesley Powell

The push-up is a great exercise. It's a full body workout, requiring arm, core and leg strength. Learn how to do a Pilates push-up using an exercise ball.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do an Exercise Ball Push-Up

Hi, I'm Lesley Powell, the director of Movements Afoot, a Pilates wellness studio in mid-Manhattan.

This is Mandy Chan, one of my Pilates teachers at our studio. She will be demonstrating this push-up ball exercise.

The Pilates Ball

We are going to use a 65 cm ball and a wall to press our feet against. Since most people just want one ball at home, I find the 65 cm ball more versatile. Sitting at the computer on a ball is a great way to keep our backs free from the compression of poor sitting.

Health Benefits of Push-Ups

We are going to do a great exercise: the push-up. The push-up is a full body workout. It requires arm, core and leg strength. How you use your body in push-up relates to the physicality that you need in standing.

Positioning Yourself on the Ball

To start, it is important how you place yourself on the ball. Since all of us have different structures of length, you need to find the correct position for your body. Lie your belly on the ball. Walk out with your hands until only your hips are on the ball. Your hands are placed your shoulder width apart and your legs are parallel


Let your whole body slumped with your arms straight.

Let our shoulder blades slide together and hang your belly down.

Now push into the floor and slide the shoulder blades apart.

Engage the lower belly by narrowing and lifting the tone up your spine.

From the top of the leg, lift your legs up.

You should be in a straight line from your head-tail-heel.

The ball gives you tactile information. The belly on the ball in the push-up you should feel the abdominal lift away from the surface of the ball. Remember you have to give me everything, arms, legs and core to do a great push-up. If you lose your shoulder blade, the scapula, connection, the neck muscles will catch the work and your posture will change.

The Full Push-up

Now let’s do the full push-up.

Let your whole body slump.

Your shoulder blades slide together, hang your belly down.

Now push into the floor and slide the shoulder blades apart.

Engage the lower belly by narrowing and lifting the tone up your spine.

From the gluteal fold, lift your legs up.

With parallel arms, bend the elbows close to your waist. Only go far down with control.

Keep the scapula wide for a great push-up. Don’t let your elbows swing out. This will make it more tricep work.

Straighten your arms.

Re -engage your core and legs and dip your whole spine down with your arms.

Repeat the push-up 10x.

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