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Video:How to Warm Up Before Playing Piano

with Molly Wheeler

To warm up for a piano performance practice scales and exercises before the show, but there are other ways to prepare that don't include a keyboard. Watch this video for helpful tips that will get you warmed up for playing the piano.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Warm Up Before Playing Piano

Hi, I’m Molly Wheeler from here for  Today I’ll be talking about ways to warm up for a piano performance. 

Be Rested and Prepared for a Piano Performance

You have worked hard preparing for a big performance and now is the time to make sure your body, fingers and mind are ready to share all of your hard work.

Get enough rest and eat right.  It is important to feel at your best on the day of performance.  A good night’s sleep and a light but satisfying meal a few hours before your performance will help you maintain the energy to keep your focus through a performance.

If the venue is cold bring along a sweater and gloves to keep your hands and upper body warm until is time for you to play. 

Keep your fingernails trimmed and remove any loose rings or bracelets that might get in your way during a performance. 

Warm Up with Piano Exercises

Warming up slowly a few hours before with scales, arpeggios or any of your favorite exercises like hanon or Czerny helps to keep the fingers, arms and hands loose and ready to work.  You can run through some of the challenging passages in your music slowly to practice the coordination or review some memory work.   

Practice on the Venue's Piano

Practice on the piano at the venue.  All pianos and all venues are different and it is important to get used to the speed of the action, the resonance of the piano, the feel and sound of the pedals and listen to the acoustics in the room to see if you need to make any last minute adjustments to your approach. 

Take deep breaths to relax.  It is normal to feel a rush of adrenaline before playing.  Breathing can help us stay relaxed so we can still play our best. 

These are just a few tips to help you prepare and warm up for a piano performance.  For more information visit us on the web at

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