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Video:How to Play Basic Chords on Piano

with Ingrid de Boer

Chords are an essential element of understanding music when playing piano. Learn how to play basic chords on the piano in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Play Basic Chords on Piano

Hello, I am Ingrid, I am a piano teacher and I am here for at the Piano Workshop at Reigate and I would like to tell you something about playing basic chords on the piano.

Playing Chords on the Piano

A vey, very quick and simple method is working out basic chords on the piano by looking at the white keys and the black keys on the piano. Distances from one key to another are called semitones. The semitones on the piano go from white to black to white to black to white to white to black, et cetera, just keep going. All the neighbouring notes on the piano, basically.

Common Chords on the Piano

The first chord mentioned was the major triad which was made up of the formula 4 plus 3. Starting on your main note, this would make a chord of C, a major chord of C, add one, two, three, four, would give your next note, add another three, would make a C major chord. The minor chord is very similar. It would have exactly the same outer notes, because 4 plus 3 and 3 plus 4 adds up to exactly the same. Starting again on the C, making a C minor chord this time, add 3, add another 4, makes the C minor chord.

The slightly rarer chords of C diminished would be starting note, plus 3, plus 3. And the C augmented chord would be formed from 4 plus 4. Experimenting with chords further, you could always, on top of your basic chords, the majors, the minors, the diminished and the augmented, add another 3 to make what is called the dominant seventh, or another 4 to make a major seventh.

This is Ingrid for at the Piano workshop in Reigate telling you about basic chords on the piano.


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