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Video:How to Care for a Piano

with Malcolm

A piano is a beautiful and expensive instrument that needs to be maintained carefully. Learn about the proper conditions for caring for your piano in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Care for a Piano

Hello, I am Malcolm from the Piano Workshop, Reigate, Surrey, UK and I am here for to give you a few tips on how to care for your piano.

How to Care for Your Piano

When you purchased your piano and it first arrives into your house you need to consider where you are going to keep it. One of the couple of main points to remember when deciding this is not to have it near a direct heat source and also avoid sunlight, as that can fight the wood.

When you have got the piano installed in your house be very careful what you place on the piano and no liquids at all because this can mark the piano, includes vases with flowers on.

Try to keep cats and dogs away from it, as they can damage the piano very easily with their claws, and when you are not playing it, keep it nicely closed up to keep the dust out of it.

More on Proper Care for a Piano

You need to keep an eye on the temperature of the room as well. You do not want the room too hot or too dry. This, if you go to your local piano dealers they will be able to advise you on how to look after this, you can buy various climate control systems for pianos. The main thing is to not have dramatic changes within the room. So as long as it is constant and not too dry it is fine, so you do not need to bother about opening the windows on a hot day or if you need some fresh air.

Also with your piano you do need to keep it regularly tuned and this will help the piano overall. This should be done at least once every six months. If you find you have got your piano installed in your house and you find it is in the wrong position I would recommend that you got in professional piano movers in to move the piano for you.

My name is Malcolm, I am from the Piano Workshop Reigate, Surrey, UK for

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