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Video:Photography Composition: Framing

with Chris Davis

Framing is an element to photo composition that is simple to understand but it may take some practice to execute successfully in your pictures. Watch this video on photography to learn more about framing.See Transcript

Transcript:Photography Composition: Framing

Hi I'm Chris Davis for  There are several element of composition to consider when taking a photograph.  Let's take a look at the idea of framing your subject.

What is Framing?

The idea behind natural framing is quite simple.  The technique is to draw attention to your subject  by blocking other parts of the image with something in the scene.

There are natural frames all around us.  Trees, windows, buildings, holes almost anything that allows you to block out part of the image will work. By placing something around the edge of your picture you isolate the main subject.   This will draw your viewers attention to the main point of interest in your composition.  The best part of this composition technique is that the item used as a frame doesn't matter a whole lot, only that it creates a frame around the actual subject.  This makes trying and learning this technique easy.

Framing Adds Depth and Directs Attention in Photos

Framing also gives an images a sense of depth.  Placing something in the foreground, such as a tree limb adds dimension to the photograph. Framing not only draws the viewer into a particular portion of the picture but it will keep your viewer there longer.  Also consider that what you are using as a frame doesn’t need to go completely around the edge of your image.  Just framing one or two sides can be equally effective. 

Furthermore think about whether you want your frame to be in focus or out of focus.  Both techniques are effective.  A blurred frame will add more depth to your shot, while a focused frame creates context to the photograph.  As you practice this technique, be aware that framing can add clutter to your image causing your composition to feel cramped so try several options until you feel you have it right.

A simple tip is make sure that your frames has a distinct shape.  It should stand out from your overall composition and the key elements of your photograph.  

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