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Video:How to Print Digital Photos

with Serge Abellard

You can print digital photos in several different ways. Check out this video for different options to consider when printing digital photos.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Print Digital Photos

Hi, my name is Serge Abellard with and I am going to show you how to print digital photos. There are three main ways to print digital photos.
  •  1. At home using a printer
  •  2. In a store using a kiosk
  •  3. Using an Online service
There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of printing. There are also cost differences to consider as well.

Printing Digital Photos at Home Requires Some Supplies

First, let's take a look at printing from home. Printing photos with your own printer is convenient but may not always be cost or time effective. Standard home or office printers can have high ink costs and may take a lot of time if you are printing a lot of photos. One thing that's great about printing from home is that you can take and print a photo all within a couple minutes. If you anticipate printing a lot of photos from home then you should look into purchasing a dedicated photo printer.

These printers are typically faster than a standard home printer and produce high quality prints. Also, many of the home photo printers allow you to print without having to hook up a computer. You can simply insert the memory card from your camera and be printing in seconds.Regarding cost make sure you consider that you have to purchase a printer, ink and photo paper. Also, photos require much more ink than standard documents, so be prepared to purchase replacement ink cartridges more often.

Digital Photos Can be Printed at an In-Store Kiosk

Another way to print digital photos is to use an in store kiosk. Many department and drug stores have kiosks set up where you can insert your media, like a memory card, USB stick, or CD. All you do at that point is select the photos you want printed and in what size. The photos are either printed immediately on a printer attached to the kiosk or in the photo department of the store.

Internet Services Also Provide Prints of Your Digital Photos

The third way to print digital photos is by using an internet service. Many of the same business that have in store kiosks also have websites where you can upload the photos and have them printed. You can select the store you would like to pick them up at and how soon you would like them completed. Some websites also have the option to ship the photos directly to your home.

Regarding cost, printing via an in store kiosk and online is about the same amount besides shipping costs if you choose that option.Now, you may be wondering what the cheapest way of printing digital photos is, but unfortunately there is not a simple answer. Although, if you just want 4 x 6 inch prints, using a kiosk or online service is usually cheaper than printing at home.Now you are aware of three ways to print digital photos and some of the costs associated with them.

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