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Video:How to Photograph Pets

with Chris Davis

Pets are a lot of fun to photograph, but aren't always the easiest subjects. Watch this video for tips to capture the perfect pet photo.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Photograph Pets

Hi I'm Chris Davis for  Photographing family members can be fun. But don't forget those furry members.  Here are some suggestions on how to photograph pets.

Choose the Photograph's Location

Before you begin consider your subject.  Your pet has a unique personality that you will want to try and capture.  Happy go lucky dog, or lazy cat, you know your pet.  With this in mind choose a location that is comfortable and fits your pets personality.  Also consider the background.  You want it to highlight your pet while not being distracting.

Natural Lighting for Pet Photos

Lighting is very important.  Your best option is bright natural light.  Either outdoors or a room with  several windows during the day.  This will help you avoid using a flash which can cause red eye and frighten your pet.  If you must use a flash try a camera mounted flash with some form of diffusion to soften the light.

Take Photos at Your Pet's Eye Level

Get down to your pets level.  Looking at your pet at eye level allows you to enter their world. It provides a unique perspective and interesting angle.   It will also add an element of intimacy.  Furthermore, try to get close.  This isn't always easy because your subject may be on the move, but capturing an extreme close up can provide some fabulous detail.

If your pet likes to be on the move than roll with it.  Slowly increase your shutter speed to help freeze the motion and catch the special moment.  After a few test shots you will find the correct setting for the perfect shot.

Another approach is to try and shoot your pet candidly.  Capture him sleeping in the sun, playing with a toy or just moving around the house.  If you are able to photograph your pet without him really knowing it you will be surprised at the results you will get.

And most importantly remember that photographing pets requires patience. A lot of patience.  To learn more check us out on the web at Thanks for watching.


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