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Video:How to Photograph Interiors

with Chris Davis

When photographing interiors consider the lighting, setting, and framing of the photo to really make the subject look appealing and make a real estate listings stand out. Watch this video for more on how to photograph interiorsSee Transcript

Transcript:How to Photograph Interiors

Hi I'm Chris Davis for  We have all taken pictures indoors, however, how often do you choose the indoors as your subject. 

The Interior Photo Subject

Start by looking at your subject.  It's pretty much impossible to include an entire room in a single shot.  You will want to select the best portion of the room to photograph.   Also, take into consideration interesting features throughout the room.   This could be the room shape, furniture, or colors and contrast of the walls.  All of these elements can add interest to the room.

But you do want to be careful.  If their is too much going on in the room it will begin to feel cluttered, drawing attention away form the room.   Take a minute and tidy up.  Less is more.  You want to accentuate and highlight the room.  Ultimately you don't want the room to look lived in.  It may seem odd, but you aren't photographing personal belongings, you are photographing the room.   Move the pillows off the furniture, remove one or two nick nacks and simplify the space.

Establish Even Lighting in Interiors

If possible avoid placing bright windows in the frame.  It can cause problems with achieving the proper exposure.  Too much light washing in form a window will create hot spots in your photograph.  Try turning on as many lights as possible within the room.  Often time it will help even out the overall light while creating some depth and texture to the picture.  If you have exterior lights or a directional flash experiment with different placements and test shots until you achieve the look you are striving for.  If in doubt aim them up, bouncing the light of the ceiling.   If the window light still remains too intense wait for an overcast day, or a time of day that doesn't have light casting through the window.

Points of Focus and Interest in the Photo

Use a tripod.  A beautiful interior photograph will quickly become ruined by crooked vertical and horizontal lines.  Your viewers attention will be drawn away from the subject and focused on the unevenness of the lines.  Keep the camera level on the tripod by not tilting up or down. This will help eliminate any odd angles.  

Once you have captured the interior take a moment and shoot a few close-ups of interesting elements within the room.  This creates a nice addition to the larger interior shots.

Lighting is key, however, don't be afraid to experiment.  Interesting effects can be achieved when you start playing with light.  To learn more check us out on the web at  Thanks for watching.

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