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Video:Arizona Renaissance Festival

with Judy Hedding

Travel back in time to the 16th century at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Here, see the variety of entertainment and activity at this popular destination.See Transcript

Transcript:Arizona Renaissance Festival

Every winter, southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, you have the opportunity to mingle with royalty and pirates, belly dancers and jousters, jesters and vikings, acrobats and fairies. They are all at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

What to Expect at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Each weekend for about six weeks you can bring the entire family to experience 16th century Europe Arizona-style. There are 12 stages of entertainment, musicians, rides and hundreds of costumed characters whose only purpose is to ensure your merriment.

Shopping at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Interested in purchasing a sword or stained glass? How about an enchanted hat or a drinking horn? Craftsmen and artisans offer hundreds of unusual items here. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect place to purchase your own Renaissance costume.

Other Activities at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

At this 16th century fair you'll see demonstrations of glass blowing, weaving and falconry. Show off your ax throwing and rope climbing skills. There are over 150 shows every day of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The Tortuga Twins -- all three of them -- and Ded Bob are defined as Loose Cannons. That means that content of the show is probably not appropriate for children. But don't think that this warning stops people from bringing the kids! The truth is that most of the raunchy humor is subtle enough such that kids -- and quite a few adults, I might add -- won't understand what they mean anyway! I also recommend the irreverent "Hey Nunnie Nunnie" show and Zilch the Torystellar. No, I didn't say that incorrectly. Zilch the Torystellar stells tories such as Rindercella, Loldigocks and the Bee Threars, and Jomeo and Ruliet. Listen fast! Oh yeah, he's a Loose Cannon, too.

Highlight of the Arizona Renaissance Festival

For many, the Royal Joust is a highlight of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The knights on horseback perform three times each day. And if you would like to partake in a multi-course meal while being entertained by the Feast Master and a variety of characters and acts, then The Pleasure Feast at the Arizona Renaissance Festival may be just the ticket. And yes, you do have to purchase a separate ticket for that.

Transport yourself to another time and place at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Wear comfortable shoes, because you'll be covering a lot of ground! Don't forget the sunscreen, a camera and your sense of humor. Now, practice saying this with me...HUZZAH!

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