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Video:5 Supplies to Keep Senior Dogs Healthy

with Annie Grossman

Take care of your senior dogs by getting the best supplies catered to their needs. In this pet supplies video from About.com, get tips on 5 supplies to keep senior dogs healthy.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Supplies to Keep Senior Dogs Healthy

Hi, Annie Grossman. I'm a dog trainer and owner of School for the Dogs in New York City, and I'm Riverdale, New York at Popcorn Paws for About.com to talk about 5 supplies to keep your senior dogs healthy.

Products for Taking Care of Senior Dogs

This is joint aid for dogs. It's a supplement you put on their food to help keep their joints healthy. Joint issues are very common in older dogs especially in larger breeds. You're gonna wanna start thinking about their joint health before they get old. This contains oat extract, glucosamine, lots of anti-oxidants, all good stuff to help keep your dogs joints super healthy and happy.

Older dogs are more likely to undergo surgery - they sometimes develop hot spots.  These are reasons why they're often put in E collars. The E collar is usually a plastic cone that keeps them from biting at themselves. This is a new product that's a really great alternative to the E collar. It's an inflatable color that does the same job of keeping them from biting themselves. What's nice about it, in addition to being very comfortable for the dog, is that it has a loop on it. You can attach the leash directly here instead of having to also put on a collar.

This is a Kong but it's different than other Kongs because it's made with rubber that's much gentler on their teeth. Senior dogs sometimes can't bite as hard as older dogs.  You fill it with treats or peanut butter - they chew it, they love it.

Products to Help Your Senior Dogs

Older dogs often can't get around so well outside on a leash but they still wanna go outside, so it's really nice to have a stroller that you can take them in. This one is super comfortable. It folds down really easily and it has this mesh so you can either leave it open or you can close it, zip it up, and they could still look outside.

As your dog gets older, it becomes increasingly important to feed them high quality food. This is going to keep them in the best health as long as possible. I suggest feeding human-grade quality food. This is a gently cooked beef formula that I really like. It also contains some vegetables, organic oats. Dogs also become pickier frequently as they get older, and this is food that they're gonna gobble up right away, which you really want them to be able to do.

This food is a chicken and chicken liver formula, with pumpkin soup - also super tasty for older dogs. They tend to love and if their loving their food they're gonna eat more they're gonna stay healthier, stay stronger, and that's just what you want.

So these have been 5 products to support the health of your senior dog. They're available at lots of fine pet stores.  For more information, visit About.com.

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