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Video:5 Supplies to Keep Senior Cats Healthy

with Dr. Ellie Shelburne

Senior cats need a little extra love and attention to stay healthy. Learn about 5 supplies to keep senior cats healthy in this video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Supplies to Keep Senior Cats Healthy

Hi, I'm Dr. Ellie Shelburne for About.com, and today, we'll be talking about senior cat supplies.

Pet Supplies for Senior Cats

Senior cats are cats defined as over the age of ten. Cats have unique needs as they age. One common issue with older cats is that they stop being as good groomers as they were when they were younger. It is important to have a good brush or comb and brush them daily to take their hair out.

Another issue for older cats is their nails tend to get thick and brittle as they age. It's important to keep them clipped short so they don't get them caught or pulled out accidentally. While human nail clippers do work for cats, a good set of cat clippers is well worth the money. You can use them without fraying the nails, and they're much more efficient in terms of cutting nails.

Taking Care of Senior Cats

Older kitties also need a good, fresh supply of water at all times to keep their kidneys functioning and the rest of their organs healthy.

Geriatric cats also often have problems with arthritis and stiffness, especially in their hind legs. This can mean that they have difficulty using their litterbox. Often, the boxes that are designed for small dogs for use in the house are perfect for geriatric cats. They have a small little door that cats can walk in without having to jump up.

Lastly, a very high-quality diet is very important for your senior cat. Many times, senior cats have kidney problems or other problems that require prescription diets. These diets will help extend their lives, and the quality of their lives, tremendously.

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