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Video:5 Great Gifts for Dog Owners

with Annie Grossman

Getting your dog-crazy friend a gift all for their pet is a great way to add a personal touch to a present. Get tips on 5 great gifts for dog owners in this pet supplies video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Great Gifts for Dog Owners

Hi, I'm Annie Grossman, I'm a dog trainer with School for the Dogs in New York City, and I'm here in Riverdale, NY, at Popcorn Paws for About.com to tell you about five great gifts for dog owners. 

Great Gifts for Dog Owners

Whether it's for a new dog owner or a veteran dog owner, these are products that are going to make a big difference in the life of anyone who lives with a dog. The first one I want to talk about is this really cool one – it's like a deodorant stick but it has dog treats inside.  And the dog licks the end, they love it. It's a great tool for training also a fun thing to have in your pocket, to play with a dog with. I love it because you can stick it in a bag, you're not going to get crumbs everywhere – it's self-contained, low calorie and lasts a long time, a really really great product. 

This is a great gift for dog owners. It's basically a foaming mouth spray. It can both improve the dog's breath and also improve the dog's general health. A lot of health problems can start in the teeth and gums, so it's a wonderful gift for a dog owner who wants to get started on the right foot with their dog's health.


More Great Gifts for Dog Owners

This is another really nice gift for dog owners – everybody loves their dog, but we don't always love the way our dogs smell, especially if they've been inside, if they're wet. This is a candle, it's specially designed with enzymes that fight dog odor. You can put it wherever your dog might hang out a lot and it'll make it smell a whole lot better.  It also comes in a spray form, which is really great for cars.  

This is a really great product – it's a dog travel water bowl. It holds over a liter of water. What I like about it, is you can actually put dog food or something in here when you travel.  Throw it in your bag – it was a Ziploc top. It folds up really nice and flat – you can fold it up even smaller, roll it up, stick it in your pocket, stick it in your bag – really really nice. Nice little accessory there for a dog owner.

This is a really good gift for a dog owner. It's a spray to get rid of stains and odors that happen whether you have a new dog or an old dog. You spray it on, you leave it on for a few minutes, you wipe it off – the stain is totally gone. They use this in vet offices – good good option for any dog owner.

So, these have been five products that are great gifts for dog owners. When you get a gift for a dog owner, you really want to help them figure out how they can take care of their pet in the best way. For more information on these products, visit About.com.

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