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Video:5 Great Gifts for Cat Owners

with Annie Grossman

Need a gift for a friend who loves cats? Get tips on 5 great gifts for cat owners in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Great Gifts for Cat Owners

Hi, I'm Annie Grossman. I'm an animal trainer and owner of School for the Dogs in New York City. And I'm here in Riverdale New York at Popcorn Paws for About.com to talk about 5 great gifts for cat owners.

Great Gifts for Cat Owners

I want to show you some products that are really going to help cat owners to take the best possible care of their pets. The first one we're going to look at today is the Ice Pod. This is a pack that you can put in your freezer and it gets really nice and cool and then you can put it wherever your cat likes to hang out and it'll cool them off. Definitely don't want a cat to overheat. So this is nice to make them a little bit more comfortable especially in the summer when it's hot.

This is a good toy for cat owners to give their cats when they're going away. It's an interactive toy. There are places on here for the cat to rub against, it's kind of like they can pet themselves, stuff to chew, stuff to swat at, you could put cat nip on it to entice them. So it's a nice activity center for cats when the owners aren't around.  

Cats are not fans of baths, so this is a nice way to clean them off if they do get a little dirty and they're not getting it off themselves. If there's one spot in particular that your cat just isn't cleaning well enough themselves, this is great –you can spray it on, wipe it off, you don't need any water and it'll keep it them smelling nice, a really nice thing for a cat owner to have around.


More Great Gifts for Cat Owners

This is really fun. It's a kit for growing oat grass. Oat grass is good for your cat's stomach. It helps prevent hair balls, they like the way it tastes.  It's a nice gift for a cat owner because they can grow a little plant and their cat is going to enjoy it – they'll thank you two times.

This is the Turbo Track. It's fun because it allows you to put these tracks in all sorts of different combinations for your cat. There's a little ball in it that they chase and what I like about is it's a whole bunch of toys in one, so if you're giving this to a cat owner, it's something that's not gonna take of a lot of space but it's going to apply a lot of hours of enjoyment for both the cat and the cat owner.

So these have been five great gifts for cat owners to keep cats and their owners both happy and healthy. You can find them at any fine pet store. For more information, please visit About.com.

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