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Video:5 Fun Toys for Dogs

with Annie Grossman

Dogs love to play and have fun, so having the right toys to keep them entertained (and away from chewing on your couch) is imperative. In this how-to video from About.com, learn about 5 really fun toys for your dog.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Fun Toys for Dogs

Hi, I'm Annie Grossman, I'm a dog trainer and owner of School for the Dogs in New York City, and I'm here at Popcorn Paws for About.com to tell you about five really great toys for your dog. 

Great Toys for Dogs

There are so many great products out there but I want to show you five that are super durable and that your dog is going to great a lot of enjoyment out of. This is made out of the same material as water bottles, which is great because dogs love to chew on water bottles but they have the caps on them, they have sharp edges, which aren't so great for dogs. Here, the water bottle material is inside. It makes a really great crunchy sound, which is particularly nice because it's less annoying than the squeaky sound that's in a lot of toys. It's super durable and it's a hundred percent recyclable.

This is an excellent toy for dogs. It's basically a puzzle for dogs. You put the treats in, to one of these holes, or many of the little holes, if you want, and the dogs uses his nose or his paw to push these around until he finds the treat.


Great Toys for Dogs

This is a puzzle station – it's a really fun toy for dogs. It has lots of different parts so you can keep building on to it, which means there's more variety, your dog isn't going to get bored.   It's also super durable. You put the treats in these little holes, you could fill the ball with peanut butter and as your dog plays with it, he gets the treats out, he can lick the peanut butter.  Lot of fun, lot of variety.

This is one of my favorite toys for dogs. You open up the bottom, you put some kibble in here, you put treats in here, you close it back up, and your dog is going to knock it around on the floor, it goes all around, it's weighted on the bottom. The treats or food, or whatever you want will fall out of this hole, it keeps them occupied for a long time. It's a really wonderful tool for a dog that has separation anxiety, it keeps them busy and it's just a great toy all around.

This is an interesting toy, what it really is, is a dental product and a chew toy in one. You spray this liquid floss onto the toy – it has green tea extract in it, baking soda, lots of good stuff for your dog's teeth and gums, and as your dog chews it, he gets it on his teeth, his teeth get cleaner, it's a really, really, nice product.

So, there you have it, these are really great toys for dogs that you can find at any fine pet store.  For more information, please visit About.com


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