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Video:5 Fun Toys for Cats

with Annie Grossman

Cats love to play, and finding the right toys for them will mean they don't rely on your household objects. Keep your cats entertained with the great toys in this pet supplies video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Fun Toys for Cats

Hi, I'm Annie Grossman. I'm an animal trainer and owner of School for the Dogs in New York City and I'm here in Riverdale New York at Popcorn Paws for About.com to talk about five great toys for cats.

Great Toys for Cats

It's really important for cats to scratch things and if you wanna save your furniture, it's a good idea to get them a scratching post. They can be pretty ugly but these are some super cool ones that are great looking. What we have here is a four foot long tiger scratching post. These come in all kinds of cool different shapes. This one is really fun too, it's shaped like a piece of cheese. And you put some cat nip on here you're cat is gonna go crazy for it. It's really a piece of furniture that's just for your cat – a really nice thing to have.

This is a wobbler toy for cats. You open up the bottom, which is weighted. You can put treats in here, you can put a cat's entire dinner in here. Close it back up. They bat it around. This thing dances all around, the cats love it and the food falls out of this little hole, there. Lots and lots of fun for cats, super durable, a really nice way to keep them occupied, especially if you're not home.

These are cat teasers - cats love this stuff. They're festive, they're fun, you dangle them in front of your cat, hours and hours of good times. They last a long time, come in different colors, different styles, great great stuff.

More Great Toys for Cats

This is the Turbo Track. It's fun because it allows you to put these tracks in all sorts of different combinations for your cat. There's a little ball in it that they chase and what I like about is it's a whole bunch of toys in one.

So this is called the Mouse in the House and it's an automatic mouse that runs through this miniature little house. A lot of fun for a cat to chase. What's particularly nice is that you can set this on a timer so that it'll operate even when you're not home or you can push the button yourself or you can even train your cats to push the button to let the mouse run through the house on its own and they'll chase it, they'll have a blast.

So these have been five great toys for cats all available at fine pet stores. For more information please visit About.com

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