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Video:How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

with Debbie Anderson

Fruit flies are particularly annoying pests that seem to appear from nowhere, and then stick around forever. Learn how to prevent fruit fly infestations and how to eliminate them once they make an unwelcome appearance in your kitchen.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for Fruit flies not only create annoying infestations, but can also pose a serious health risk to your lower intestines, if not prevented or eliminated once an infestation occurs.

So today I'm going to show you how to prevent fruit fly infestations from occurring in the first place, as well as show you a quick and easy tip on how to get rid of them once they have made an appearance in your home.

Prevent Fruit Flies in a Kitchen

To prevent fruit fly infestations, sanitation is the only effective prevention solution. To get started, make sure you consistently wash all dirty dishes and clear your sink drains of any old food or waste afterwards.

After washing the dishes, never leave old damp or moist dishrags lying around, and instead, be sure to launder the dishrags, or wash them thoroughly with soap, rinse them well and wring them out dry before hanging them up.

Next, thoroughly clean any opened containers such as beer bottles, fruit juice containers, and fermented or vinegar product bottles before throwing them away in the recycling bin and always make sure any products still in use are sealed very well. On garbage night, discard over-ripened fruits and vegetables.

Remove Fruit Fly Food Sources

Use covered bins and garbage cans to store all trash and recycled materials in between pick-up dates. Also avoid tossing food garbage into waste-paper baskets. Remove all trash from inside the home on a regular basis.

Ideally try to store fresh fruits and vegetables and all other food products in the refrigerator to prevent infestations when possible. Use covered fruit bowls for the foods you want left outside the refrigerator. Keep raisins, dates, prunes, and other fruit snacks in sealed baggies.

Clean to Prevent Fruit Flies

Next, wipe up crumbs and spills from inside cabinets, around counter tops and spills on the floor. Dump out old dirty mop water, clean the pail, and launder the mop rag after use.

Finally, always do your laundry in a timely manner to prevent moist towels or soiled garments from creating prime breeding territories for fruit flies.

Trap Fruit Flies

Should you do all this and you still have fruit flies, with an old plastic container you no longer want, such as a butter container, a banana peel, a small pin, a rubber band, and a sheet of plastic wrap, you can quickly eliminate these pesky little flies with little hassle. After thoroughly washing out the plastic container, place the banana peel inside the container and tightly cover the opening of the container with a sheet of plastic wrap. Use the rubber band to securely seal the plastic wrap around the container.

Next, use the small pin to poke one small hole in the center of the sheet of plastic wrap where it covers the containers opening.

Place these containers under the sink, near open garbage cans, and any other locations where you think the fruit flies are breeding in the home.

Remove the Fruit Flies

Within approximately 4 hours, you should see your plastic container fill up with fruit flies that are now trapped in the container.

Remove the plastic containers from the home every 24-hours and repeat this process until the fruit fly infestation has been eliminated.

And there you have it! A safe and sanitary environment free of fruit flies! Thank you for watching. To learn more, please visit us on the Web at
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