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Video:Overview of Tumblr

with Briana Bonome

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform that works best with short-form media, like gifs, images and videos. Learn more about using this social media platform and how you can get involved in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of Tumblr

Hi, I'm Briana Bonome for About.com and this is an overview of Tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social networking site that primarily shows images, gifs, short blog posts, videos, music and links. On your homepage you will see all the posts from the people you follow, the newest posts appear at the top. You can see who posted each item on the top left of each post. On the top right of each post you can view who liked and reblogged the post. You can also reblog the post and add your own caption, the post will now appear as one of your posts. You can also like a post by clicking the heart.

How to Create a Post in Tumblr

You can create your own post by selecting any of the posting methods on the top of your homepage. You can upload a photo from your computer and add your own text. Add keywords so people can find your post by specific tags. Click create post and your followers will now see it.

How to Search in Tumblr

On the sidebar, click find blogs to browse categories and subscribe to new blogs. You can search for a specific tag by typing a keyword into the search bar and browsing new posts containing that tag.

How to Change Your Account Settings in Tumblr

You can edit your account settings by clicking on the account button in your nav bar. Control your email settings, and your blogs theme and settings scroll down and click save. Click on your icon to view your blog.

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