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Video:How to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn

with Zoya Popova

Uploading your resume to your LinkedIn account is an easy way to fill the whole thing out quickly. This video from will show you the process for uploading your resume to LinkedIn.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn

Hi, I'm Zoya Popova for, and today I'm going to show you how to upload a resume to LinkedIn.

The moment you're siging up for a LinkedIn account, you are making the first steps to building your profile, which is the LinkedIn equivalent of a resume.

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the first things a new user will see on their LinkedIn page is the blue Profile Improvement window in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, which asks you questions like, "When did you start your current position?"

If you answer that question, LinkedIn will automatically update your profile page. So for example here, my dates of employment have been changed down below in the section "Experience".

Uploading a Resume Fills in the Profile

However, there is a much faster way to fill in your profile.

Go to the Profile tab, and you'll see a very similar layout, with the exception of the upper right-hand area that has the option, "Complete your profile quickly: Import your resume". This option is only available to users whose profiles are less than 100% complete.

When you hit this link, it will ask you to choose the resume document that you want to upload from your computer. The acceptable formats for this document are Word, .pdf, .txt and HTML.

Requirements for Uploading a Resume

There are certain requirements for the system to be able to analyze your resume efficiently. First of all, this needs to be just text, either English or French, with no pictures. You need to have clearly visible sections of your resume, with conventional naming, such as "Experience" and "Education". And your bullet points, such as your job titles or duties, must all start on a new line and be clearly separated from each other.

Filling in Gaps After Uploading

When you hit "Upload", the tool will fill in the fields of your profile for you. You will have to go through it and make sure all the information has transferred correctly. You may have to fill in some fields that the upload tool failed to fill in for you. Pay special attention to the "Industry" field - this is likely to be something you may have to correct manually.

When you're happy with how your profile looks, just hit "Save Changes".

Looking at my profile, you can now see that it jumped from 30 to 80% completeness. You've just saved yourself a lot of time by uploading your resume.

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