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Video:Types of Hangers

with Bonnie Zaiss

There are many types of hangers and knowing which one is right for your closet and clothes is an easy way to organize effectively. Here, learn about different types of hangers.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Hangers

Hi I'm Bonnie Zaiss for About.com

What Are the Types of Hangers?

Clothes hangers aren't all alike. There's a variety of materials, sizes and functions that'll make your closet easier to organize.

How to Pick Types of Hangers for Your Closet

Most everyday clothes hang well on all-purpose vinyl wire hangers that save space in your closet.

If your clothes are crammed together inexpensive plastic tubular hangers , keep clothes from getting tangled. Items with delicate straps work best on hangers with notches. Try spaghetti straps on a wired hanger, they're sure to end up on the floor.

Sweaters stay in great shape on sturdy wooden hangers. Avoid hanging sweaters, crocheted or woven garments on wire hangers so they don't get snagged.

For delicate blouses hang on pillowy silk hangers. For slacks, look for wooden pant hangers with lock bars. Hang them upside down and keep the wrinkles out. If you travel for business a lot, try this multi-purpose hanger that holds both your slacks and suit.

Tips for Hanging Clothes

If you don't have a very large closet, consider these multi-garment hangers. This velvet covered multi-skirt hanger has adjustable clips for a perfect fit for any size skirt holding up to 4 skirts.

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