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Video:Top Gifts for Neat Freaks

with Lauren Zima

Want to get your tidy friend a usable gift that will make their life easier? Get some creative ideas for gifts for the perfectionist in your life in this video from Transcript

Transcript:Top Gifts for Neat Freaks

Hi, I'm Lauren Zima for, and today, we are looking at some good gifts for the neat freak in your life.

Neat freaks love their house and other areas of their life tidy and organized. And they'll love anything that can help them accomplish that task. So why not make their life a little easier with these gifts?

Get Them a Helper

Hiring a maid not only relieves them of the duty of cleaning and dusting but also allows them to relax or organize other parts of their life. Give them a break from the yard upkeep and hire a lawn mowing service, landscaper, or some neighborhood kids to clean the gutters. Find someone that comes highly recommended by friends, the local newspaper, or an online cleaning agency. If you don't want to shell out the bucks for someone else to do it, volunteer to do it yourself.

Keep Them Organized

If you're looking to keep your neat freak organized, nothing helps more than space bags, desk organizers, or storage bins of all shapes and sizes. Get them a fun desktop pen holder, a filing cabinet, or closet storage for out-of-season clothing. Companies even make stylish clothes bins for the fashion conscious. You can sweeten the gift by putting some candy or instructions for neat DIY projects inside.

Gift Gadgets

If the person hates vacuuming try a robotic floor vacuum. Prices start about around $150, but they can save your neat freak from doing the work so they have more time to spend with you. You can even get manual gutter cleaners and pool vacuums to free up some yard maintenance.

Keep Them Clean

If they have kids or are worried about germs, you can buy them any number of germ killing products. Cleaning supplies, germ killing air fresheners, or sensors will help keep their home germ free. Try something portable to kill those nasty germs in hotel rooms, restaurants, or public restrooms. Why not get them a Germ Guardian for easy disinfecting. Wave the wand over doorknobs - and voila. They can have a germ free household without the use of chemical products.

And if the neat freak is just proud of their tidiness and loves to sport their hobby, you can always check out some t-shirts, coffee mugs, or aprons for them to wear as they clean house.

And that's a look at gifts for the neat freak. For more information and gift idea, visit Thanks for watching. 

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