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Video:Quick Tip: How to Organize Bedding

with Amanda Sullivan

Organizing bedding can make your space neat and make it easier to change your sheets regularly. Watch this About.com video for great tips on organizing bedding.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: How to Organize Bedding

Hi, I'm Amanda Sullivan with ThePerfectDaughter.com, and I'm here for About.com to show you how to organize your bedding.   

Label Items to Organize Bedding

When you're organizing your bedding, your main goal is to make it easy when you go to make the bed. So to that end, I put all of your pillows here, labeled pillows. And then I put everything that goes on top of the bed together. It's all really the same size, even though we have quilts and duvet covers. They can stack together and they all go on top of the bed and it's labeled so it's easy to find.  

Sort Items to Organize Bedding

Here we have some extra blankets. Now, I chose to do the sheets by sets and by size so here I have all the twins and here I have all the kings. Some people who don't have sets like to put all of the pillows cases together, all the fitted, all the flat. Anything is fine as long as you have an organizing principle. It makes it really easy. The goal is, you don't want to have to rifle around when you go to make the bed, that it's all easy, you know where it is.   

And that’s how you organize your bedding. For more information, go to About.com.

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