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Video:How to Organize a Holiday Gift List

with Sue Ann Lee

Getting organized before you do your holiday shopping will make your trips to the shops less stressful, and help you save lots of cash, too. Find out how to organize a holiday gift list that will keep you on track.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Organize a Holiday Gift List

Hi I’m Sue Ann Lee for Getting organized before you do your holiday shopping can make your life much easier and save you time and money.

Start With the Basics

What is your budget? You can organize your list by what you’re spending or by who you’re spending your money on.

How many people are on your list? Who are including?

And last, will you be shopping online, going to the store or a combination of both? You can make your list as simple or as complicated as you like. If your list is small and your budget is open, simply jot down each person’s name and write down their gift next to it. Or if your shopping list is a bit more complicated, try putting together a spreadsheet with 3-4 columns and group the receivers into categories.

List People You're Buying Gifts For

Start with your immediate family first – your spouse, your children, parents and siblings. Next group your extended family together including your grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins and your in-laws. Add your closest friends to this list as well.

Continue down the list – should your budget allow it- with co-workers and service personnel that have worked with you throughout the year – like your babysitter, paperboy, housekeeper…etc.

The great thing about working with a spreadsheet, is it’ll be easy to read because you can organize it any way you’d like with columns rows and borders and it’ll do the math for you. You can keep your eye on the grand total and stay within budget while you’re making your list.

Tips for Shopping Online

Shopping online is a great way to do your shopping. Just make sure you’re using a reputable merchant. If you’re not familiar with the vendor ask trusted friends to recommend the best websites and check to see if the website offers feedback from previous buyers. Also, after picked your presents, don’t forget to look at the details such as shipping costs, shipping arrival dates and return policies.

Keep Your List With You

If you’re headed to the mall check through your local paper and your mail for great bargains and extended store hours. And don’t forget your list! In a matter of fact it’s great idea to keep your list with you at all times. You never know when you’ll run into that perfect holiday gift.

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