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Video:Organize Everything Underneath Your Bathroom Sink

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Scary things hiding underneath your bathroom sink? Take a few minutes, and a few of these tips, to organizing this small space in your bathroom.See Transcript

Transcript:Organize Everything Underneath Your Bathroom Sink

Hey guys Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90 second quick tip. You know what I find most frightening about bathrooms? Well, next to that giant hairball in the drain of your shower, it's the area under your sink - that most of us have come to think of as the place to keep, well, everything. But fear not! Stick with me on taking care of my under-the-bathroom-sink storage area, and you'll be good to go. Check it out.

What Should You Store Under Your Sink?

Let's start by simply changing your thinking about this space. Instead of using it as a place to hide things you don't want to look at when you're not using them, think of it as their home. You wouldn't want your home to look like this, would you? Under the sink is a good place to keep things you really might need in a pinch, like toilet paper. Quarter-filled containers of mousse from your Flashdance days, not so much.

Remove Items to Organize

Start by removing everything you've currently got underneath your sink. Drag it all out into the light so you can get a good look at it, and begin to think about what really can just go in the trash. If there's anything down there that you haven't used or thought about in six months, it probably doesn't belong. Next, organize what's left in terms of how often you actually access it. Place the things you use often towards the front, and stuff you use less towards the back.

Organize Underneath the Sink

If you really mean business, now is the time to grab some of those storage organizers, or what I like to call, storageganizers. You don't really need anything all that elaborate, just a couple baskets or caddies to keep track of your smaller items. Make sure your containers have plenty of room to move around, and a little room to grow.

Leave yourself some extra space so that the next time you head to the store, or just really need to stow something new under your sink, you won't fall immediately back into the chaos you just put into order. Which is probably inevitable - after putting up house guests, hosting a wine and cheese party that goes late night, or an earthquake or two, it'll be time to organize again. But, no need to worry, I'll still be here.

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