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Video:Clear Unwanted Desk Clutter

with Jonathon E. Stewart

How messy is your desk? Take a few minutes to streamline your office organization, and you will say goodbye to all that desk clutter.See Transcript

Transcript:Clear Unwanted Desk Clutter

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90-second quick tip. Are you a victim of desk disorderliness? Join the club! But take a look at these simple steps and your work space will be uncluttered and efficient before you know it. Check it out.

Clear Clutter From the Desk

Your messy desk not only makes it hard to find the things you need quickly and easily, it can also take a psychological toll on your general sense of well-being. Start by removing everything from your desk: papers, books, pens, old coffee cups, staplers, computers, everything. Already, you're off to a good start.

Clean the Desk

Next, wipe away any debris or dust that's been left to build up since the last time you cleaned it, probably sometime last millennium. Return any hardware like computers, monitors and lamps, knowing that these are probably essential to a properly-functioning desk. Good - now it's time to make some decisions.

Begin Filing or Discarding Papers

Look through your stacks of papers and see what needs to be saved, and what can go straight to the recycling bin. Binders and folders are great for archiving paperwork you might need someday, and having a neatly ordered filing system for papers is key, too.

Arrange Essential Desk Accessories

Next, return items one by one to your desk according to how often you use them. Do you staple things routinely throughout the day? Keep your stapler handy. Your three-ring hole punch? Not so much, so this one goes into a drawer, which you should keep organized as well.

Keep a small stash of envelopes, notepads, paper clips, and anything else you use regularly in easily accessible and organized groups. Finally, give your desk some personality, just keep it simple, and out of the way of your day to day business.

And that's pretty much all there is to it. Moving forward, be conscious of making a quick decision about anything new that crosses your desk - don't just set it aside for later. Check in with your spic 'n' span space at the end of every week, and make sure the clutter hasn't begun to return. Ah. Organized living.

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