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Video:How to Clean a Computer Monitor

with Alex Nice

Inevitably, your computer monitor will get dirty with dust and finger prints. Here's how to clean your computer monitor so it looks good as new.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Computer Monitor

I'm Alex nice from I know that you like me, are probably eating in front of the computer and putting your greasy hands on the computer screen. So today I'm going to clean the computer monitor and show you how to do it.

Cleaning Supplies

For your first cleaning option you going to need screen cleaning fluid, alcohol and ammonia free. And you will need a lint microfiber cloth or an old T-shirt. For your second option you don't even need a spray bottle. All you need are pre-moistened screen cleaning wipes.

Turn Off Monitor

Now we shut off your computer monitor and unplug. You don't need to turn off the computer.

Apply Solution to Cloth

For your first cleaning option you take your cleaning solution, spray it on your cloth. Wipe the screen in one direction until you have wiped the entire screen. Make sure you are not leaving any fingerprints or stains on the screen.

Pre-Moistened Wipe

For cleaning option two: a pre-moistened wipe, apply lightly distribute pressure to the screen and repeat if necessary. Your computer will be free of fingerprints, dust and other stains.

Allow Screen to Dry

Now you let your computer screen dry for a few minutes. Then you can go back to your computer, log on to, and check out some more home owner videos. See you next time.
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