How to Calculate Acetaminophen Dosages for Children Video
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Video:How to Calculate Acetaminophen Dosages for Children

with Dr. Roy Benaroch

Calculating proper acetaminophen dosages for children is very important when your child is sick. Watch this video for tips on how to calculate acetaminophen dosages for children.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Calculate Acetaminophen Dosages for Children

Hi, this is Dr. Roy Benaroch. I'm a general pediatrician in practice in Roswell, Ga. at Pediatric Physicians, PC and we're here at to talk about figuring out doses of acetaminophen or Tylenol to give to your child.

Use Weight to Calculate Acetaminophen Dosages for Children

Acetaminophen and other medicines should be dosed by weight, not by age. Know your child's weight and look that up on the packaging of the medicine to see what the correct dose is. Now in the fall of 2011, new packaging with a new concentration of acetaminophen products was introduced, though many people still have the older product on their shelves at home. This has created some confusion, because these different versions are dosed differently, and especially over the phone it's sometimes hard to know what product parents have.

Check the Bottle When Calculating Acetaminophen Dosages for Children

The best way to know you're giving the right dose is to look at the packaging and bottle itself. If you're not sure, contact your pediatrician, and have the bottle handy so we know which product you've got and can give you the right instructions. Always use the measuring device that came with the product. Though Tylenol is quite safe when given correctly, there is a narrow margin of safety -- overdoses can be very serious. If you think you've given an incorrect dose, call the poison center. Anywhere in the USA, the number is 1-800-222-1222.

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