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Video:Average Height for Women

with Dr. Melissa Varma

Most women will grow to a height that falls within a specific range. This video from About.com will explain the average height for most women.See Transcript

Transcript:Average Height for Women

Average Female Height

The physical changes a female will experience through adolescence include development of wider hips, smaller waist and increased fat in the abdomen and legs, as well as height development.

Girls begin their growth spurt around 8-13 years of age. It can last 2-3 years and they can grow 9-11 inches overall, or about 3.5 inches in a year.

The average American female is nearly 5'4".

Determining Factors in Height

60-80% of height is determined by genetics, meaning your height will mostly be determined by how tall your parents and close relatives are. Only 20-40% of your height is determined by environmental effects such as nutrition and diseases.

Height development can also be affected during pregnancy, maternal smoking has an effect on height development as well as pre- and post-natal growth. The environmental effects on height development are a greater proportion in poorer environments.

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