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Video:Install a PC Motherboard

with Don Schechter

When your motherboard breaks your computer does too. Learn how to replace your computer's motherboard by yourself so you'll be able to continue on after a problem as quickly as possible.See Transcript

Transcript:Install a PC Motherboard

Hi. I am Don Schechter for Computing.

Today I am going to show you how to install a motherboard in a desktop PC. Before I begin, you should know that the example I'm giving here may not be exactly how your motherboard will be installed. Motherboards come in many different sizes and have different features. Therefore, consult your motherboard s manual to read about any specific settings that you have to do.

Before You Install a Motherboard

As a general guideline, make sure you have all your pieces ahead of time and don't force things into place if they don't want to go.

First, open your computer case. Some computers have a button or buttons that you press to open the box. Some have screws on the rear of the case which must be removed. I just need to remove the screws on the back of the case.

The new motherboard is going to be mounted onto the motherboard tray. Some computers have removable trays, but for our example we re going to use this embedded tray.

Motherboard Installation

Pop-out the pre-installed connector plate on the rear of the case and replace it with the one that came with your new motherboard.

Onto the motherboard. You need to determine where you're going to mount the board. As you can see, there are many locations to attach screws on this motherboard tray. The mounting locations coincide with screw holes on the motherboard.

First mount the standoff screws on the tray. These screws separate the motherboard from the metal casing. Sometimes these require special tools, so check ahead of time to make sure you have the right stuff.

Fasten the motherboard by starting in the center and then corners.

Data Connections

Attach the control wires for the power button, reset button, and LEDS, on the front of your computer. Again, check your manual to see where these are located on your motherboard.

Attach the power connector from the power supply. This is the largest plug in the bunch.

Other Connections

Now you can install the rest of your devices like hard drives and CD burners using their appropriate cables. Also set any jumpers that might be required for your motherboard.

Close up your computer and plug in all your cables.

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