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Video:Top Ways to Backup Your Data

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It's good practice to regularly back up data on your computer with either an external hard drive; or, if it's a small amount of information, a USB drive. In this video, learn how to properly back up your computer data.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Ways to Backup Your Data

Hi I'm Evan Stein from CMIT solutions and I'm here for to show you the top ways to back up your data. 

Back Up Your Data with an External Hard Drive

One way to back up your data is to an external hard drive.  This is an external USB connected hard drive that requires a power source. You can also use a small portable hard drive like this. This doesn't require it's own power supply. Power comes through the USB cable. Because we're backing up a windows machine, we can only use a USB device to back up our data. This drive here also supports firewire 400 and 800.  If you're using a Mac or another computer that supports Firewire, you can use a Firewire cable. Firewire provides much faster data transfer than USB does. Your backup would actually be complete a lot quicker.  

Use a USB to Back Up a Small Amount of Data

If you're only backing up a small amount of data, you could also use an external USB key like we have here.  This one backs up four gigabytes of data. To get to windows built-in data back-up utility, open up My Computer. The one you want to back up most often is probably your C-Drive, also known as the local disk.  Right click on the C-Drive, go to properties, and lick the tools tab. You'll see the option at the bottom to back up your drive.  You'll have the option down here to change your settings.  Click on the drive.  In this case here, it's an external USB drive, and click 'next.'  Windows will now ask you if you want to let Windows choose which files to back up, in which case it's going to back up your libraries, your desktop, your documents folders, and it's going to back them up weekly. Saving settings an exiting. To start your backup, click the backup now button. When you do that, you'll see the progress bar. 

Back Up Information to the Cloud

Another option to back up your data is to backup to the cloud.  If you want to back up your data to the cloud, go to the company's website, sign up for the service, download the installer, run through the set-up process, and that'll be a little bit different, depending on which company you sign up with, and it'll have the same options, either to back up your entire computer, or to select the files that you want to back up. 

In most cases, these services will back up your computer nightly, or once a week.  Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do for your computer. There's always the possibility that you can lose your data.  You can delete it accidentally. You might lose it if your hard drive fails, or you lose it if you lose your computer. Having a data backup and a good data backup to either an external device or a cloud-based service is the best way to ensure that you always have a way of getting your data back. 

And that's how you back up your data. For more information, visit

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