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Video:Install a Second IDE Hard Drive

with Don Schechter

Do you need additional hard drives in your computer for additional drive or storage space? Learn how to install a second IDE hard drive in a desktop PC all by yourself, in just a few simple steps.See Transcript

Transcript:Install a Second IDE Hard Drive

Hi. I am Don Schechter for Computing.

Today I'll show you how to install a second IDE Hard Drive in a desktop PC.

Before You Install an IDE Hard Drive

First, turn off the computer and unplug the power cord.

Next, open the computer. Some computers have a button or buttons that you press to open the box. Some have screws on the rear of the case which must be removed. I just need to remove the screws on the back of the case.

Slide the casing back. Now you have access to the inside of your computer.

Check Jumper for Primary IDE Hard Drive

First, you need to confirm the primary IDE drive or the drive that has your operating system has its jumper set to Master. You can check this by removing the hard drive and looking at the jumper. Next, set the jumper on your new IDE drive to Slave.

IDE Hard Drive Installation

Now, mount the it below the primary drive. Make sure that you are using hard drive screws. They are smaller than the screws used on your case. If you don t have any, buy some from you local computer store. Large screws can damage the drive.

Data Connections

Here's the most important part: Connecting the data cable. They are the large gray cables.

There are usually two types in your computer:
  1. 80 wire
  2. 40 wire
80 wire is used for hard drives that need higher transfer speeds. 40 wire is used for CD and DVD drives. Don t use the 40 wire for hard drives as it will alter the performance of your system.

Now, connect the Master drive to the end of the 80 wire IDE cable and the Slave to the center. They only connect one way so don't force them. Finally, connect the four pin power plug to each drive.

After you Install an IDE Hard Drive

Close up your computer and plug in all of your cables.

When you boot up your computer it should recognize the new drive. If it doesn't, confirm that the cables are firmly attached to each device and the IDE cable is firmly attached to the mother board.

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