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Video:Open a Stuck Drive on Your PC

with Don Schechter

We've all been there: The CD or DVD drive on your PC gets stuck and traps your disc. Before you call tech support, try this simple trick for opening a jammed drive.See Transcript

Transcript:Open a Stuck Drive on Your PC

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to open a stuck drive on your PC.

This is really useful if you have a disk in your drive that you need and your drive is stuck closed.

Unfold a Paperclip

First, you'll need a paperclip. Unfold it so there is 1 to 2 inches that is straight, like this.

Now, look closely at your drive door. There should be a very small pinhole either above or below it.

Insert the Paperclip Into the Drive Door

Insert the paperclip. There is a very small gear that when rotated, will manually open the drive door.

Retract and reinsert the paper clip as many times as it takes to eject the drive enough so you can hold onto it.

Pull Out the CD or DVD Drive

Now slowly pull the drive out until it is fully retracted. Remove your stuck CD or DVD, and slowly push the drive bay back until the door is closed.

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