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Video:How to Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

with Don Schechter

Free yourself from your computer by installing a wireless mouse and keyboard. It's easy to do with these simple instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Hi. I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I will show you how to install a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Empty Box of Supplies

First take everything out of the box. You may have a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless receiver, batteries, software and instructions. If batteries are not included you will have to provide them.

Install Batteries

Since the keyboard and mouse are wireless, they do not get power from the computer which is why they require batteries. Turn the keyboard and mouse over and remove the battery compartment covers. Insert the batteries as the directions show.

Place Keyboard and Mouse on Desktop

Now place the keyboard and mouse on your desk where you'd like them. If you have an existing keyboard and mouse move them out of the way.

Set Up Wireless Receiver

The wireless receiver is the part that physically connects to your computer and picks up the wireless signals from your keyboard and mouse which enables them to communicate with your computer. Some setups might have two receivers- one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. Keep the receiver at least 8 inches away from sources of interference like the computer monitor, fans, flourescent lights, or metal filing cabinets. The receiver should also be positioned somewhere between 8 inches and 6 feet from the keyboard and mouse.

Install the Software

Before connecting the receiver, let's install the software. Insert the CD into your CD drive and the software should start automatically installing. Read the on screen instructions.

Plug In Receiver to USB Connector

Now plug the USB connector at the end of the receiver into a free USB port on the back of your computer. After this your computer will configure the hardware your computer might use.

Test Keyboard and Mouse

Test your keyboard and mouse by opening some programs with your mouse and typing text with your keyboard. You can now remove the old keyboard and mouse from your computer if they are still connected. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us at
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