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Video:How to Tell if Your Teen Is Using Drugs

with Patricia O'Laughlin

Learning how to tell if your teen is using drugs is an important part of parenting. Here, see information and tips for how to tell if your teen is using drugs.See Transcript

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Transcript:How to Tell if Your Teen Is Using Drugs

How can I tell if my teen is using drugs?

Signs for Ways to Tell if Your Teen Is Using Drugs

There are three signs that might mean your teen is using drugs.

1) The first is you see signs of depression. They might be irritated, or get angry more easily. They might cry more often. They might spend more time in their room away from you, and more time out with their friends.

2) The second thing is maybe money is disappearing from your purse or wallet, or they're asking you more regularly for money.

3) The third point is know the signs of the different drugs. Different drugs produce different effects. Stimulants will make your teen look hyper, while marijuana might make your teen seem distracted.

Note About Telling if Your Teen Is Using Drugs

I know it can be very scary to think that your teen is engaging in drugs. Drugs can develop into a problem, often times very quickly. Please get your teenager the support they might need.
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