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Video:How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

with Patricia O'Laughlin

Learn the best ways to talk to your teen about safe sex and how to approach the subject in the easiest possible way.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

Hi, my name is Patricia O'Laughlin and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with TherapyForParents.com. Today I am talking to you on behalf of About.com on how to talk to your teens about sex.

Notes About How to Talk to Your Teen About Safe Sex

Talking to your teen about sex is really important and really difficult. You might notice that you feel anxious beforehand. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to get calm before you approach the subject.

Things to Consider When Talking to Your Teen About Safe Sex

Here are five things to think about when talking to your teen about sex.

The first thing is talking about birth control. There are many options for birth control. Let them know what those options are. This is even if your teen is a male. Males also need to know what options are available out there.

The second thing to talk to them about are STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Let them know that not all forms of birth control protect against STDs.

The third thing to talk to them about is pregnancy. Make sure that they clearly understand how pregnancy occurs. Help dispel some of the myths associated with pregnancy and let them know how easy it is for the teenage body to get pregnant.

The fourth thing is to make sure they know about the emotional consequences of having sex. While sex physically can feel good and emotionally can have positive things that happen, it sometimes comes with a lot of weight, and it can be very difficult.

The fifth thing is talk to them about abstinence, or the choice to not have sex. Talk to them about what they think about this, and don't impose your values on them - let's see what they think.

Additional Information About Talking to Your Teen About Safe Sex

Talk to them about peer pressure, and how sometimes peer pressure can stop them from making the decisions that they want. Talking to your teen about sex is important and it's not easy – I understand. Talking to them about these points will help you as a parent keep them safe.

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