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Video:How to Confront Your Teen About Lying

with Patricia O'Laughlin

Learn about ways to confront your teen about lying if you think that they aren't telling the truth.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Confront Your Teen About Lying

How do I confront my teen about lying? If you suspect that your teen is lying to you, it's very important to approach them in a calm way.

Tips for How to Confront Your Teen About Lying

Ask them: I think that you might be lying to me - is this a possibility? Don't just confront them with yelling and screaming. Give them an opportunity to talk to you about what's happening. Approach it from a gentle place. If your teen doesn't confess to lying, but you strongly suspect they are, then it's important that you be the parent and keep them safe. Tell them that there will be a consequence to their behavior, or tell them that you're going to deny their request until you feel confident that they're not lying to you.

Notes About Confronting Your Teen About Lying

I know it can be really difficult to think about setting consequences, and to denying their request if you think that they are lying, but you don't know for sure if they are. However, this is a very important thing in keeping your teen safe.
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