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Video:What Is the Ghost of Christmas?

with Thea Lewis

The Ghost of Christmas is a legendary paranormal tale out of Oklahoma. Learn more about the Ghost of Christmas story in this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is the Ghost of Christmas?

Intuitive Kathy Moll sensed something strange about The Lauren Danielle house in central Oklahoma the minute she walked through the door.  Hello. I'm Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalk for About.com, and today I'm going to tell you the story of the Ghost of Christmas. 

The Ghosts in the Lauren Danielle House

When she’d planned her Christmas visit, she knew the place had a four legged spirit, a ghost cat named Lord Sebastian. But, she didn’t know other entities wandering the beautiful old Victorian made it seem more like a scary scene featuring Ebenezer Scrooge than a jolly place to spend a holiday weekend. 

Eerie Ghosts Shadowed Christmas Celebrations

Kathy turned in for the evening hoping to dream of sugarplums, only to be harassed by a watchful, jealous spirit who seemed intent upon assuming her physical form, attacking her with a ball of psychic energy so powerful, it left her paralyzed, barely able to cry for help.  

Who were these ghostly interlopers? Were they somehow connected with the jail, closed for many years that had once occupied the Lauren Danielle’s basement? We may never know, but one thing’s for sure, they certainly put a damper on Kathy’s Christmas Present.  

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