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Video:Are UFOs and Aliens Real?

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Not sure if UFOs and Aliens are real? See this information about UFOs and Aliens and decide for yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:Are UFOs and Aliens Real?

Area 51, Roswell, New Mexico, crop circles, and unidentified flying objects––does life exist outside planet Earth? And if so, have we been visited by alien beings? Let's take a look.

History of UFO and Alien Spottings

A case for the existence of alien life forms has been made for millennia, but definitely gained steam in the United States in 1947 when the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release that it had recovered a crashed flying disc. The Air Force quickly made a retraction explaining that the flying disc was actually a radar-tracking weather balloon.

Which is a little fishy, don't you think? The government also said they recovered a couple alien bodies... I mean dead weathermen.

UFO and Alien Skeptics

While declassified information about Roswell continues to be debated by UFO skeptics and proponents alike, and, while things like flying saucers and alien abductions are largely discredited by scientists, many high profile astrophysicists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking have suggested that alien life is not only possible throughout the Universe, but probable, due in part to its immense size. But rather than gangly, oblong-headed greenies, these arguments are more in favor of organic life such as bacteria.

But you know bacteria just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi. Better to go with acid for blood and the aaaah pops out of your chest during dinner bit. Sells more tickets.

UFO and Alien Appeal

No matter how you slice it, making contact with extraterrestrials is a subject that continually fascinates us all. Movies, television series, websites, blogs, and actual scientific research have long been devoted to the discovery of life on other planets and what implications making contact could have on our society, religion, science, and life as we know it.

And as long as people have walked the face of the Earth, we've had our heads turned skyward, marveling at the wonder of it all. And whether strange lights turn out to be nothing more than helicopters or cases of aliens abductions turn out to be fabrications, wondering whether or not we are alone in the Universe is one thing that makes us utterly and totally human.

I'm Jonathon Stewart with About.com.
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