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Video:Profile of the Ghost of Boothill Cemetery

with The Lewis

The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard is a ghost story born out of the legendary Old West. Watch this video to learn more about The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard and how it appeared it one eerie photograph.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of the Ghost of Boothill Cemetery

If you spend any time at Boothill Graveyard, originally Tombstone Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona, be careful where you step. If you don’t, you could bump into a visitor from the afterlife.  Hello. I'm Thea Lewis of Queen City Ghostwalk for, and today I'm going to tell you the story of the Ghost of Boothill Graveyard. 

The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard Appeared in a Photo

The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard is yet another example of a ghost that was first seen in a photograph. A guy named Terry Clanton was asked by a friend to go to Boothill Graveyard and take his photo wearing western garb. He and Terry went out to the cemetery in the early morning hours and Terry says that there were no other people there. They took the photograph, and after having it developed at a local drugstore, they discovered something very strange. Behind Terry's friend, there was another image:  the image of a man wearing a dark hat and holding a very large knife.

The Old West is Known for Ghost Legends

 Like some of the Civil War ghosts spotted at Gettysburg we think that this apparition appears at the cemetery again and again because of a traumatic event. Let's face it, when you're talking about the Old West, Tombstone was one of the wildest and wooliest places around. So it's not unusual to think that some kind of deadly skirmish occurred at the Boothill Graveyard.

 The photo of the apparition at Boothill Graveyard has been examined by experts the world over and so far, it has never been proven to be a fake.  Thanks for watching. For more information on ghosts and the paranormal, visit us on the web at

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