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Video:Haunted Places: Westminster Abbey

with Richard Estep

Westminster Abbey is Britain's most famous church and a venue for ghost hauntings as well. Watch this About.com video to learn more about the paranormal activity which occurred at this landmark.See Transcript

Transcript:Haunted Places: Westminster Abbey

Hello, I am Richard Estep, Director of The Boulder County Paranormal Research Society located in Boulder, Colorado. I am here for About.com to discuss the most haunted places in England.

Westminster Abbey's History

Westminster Abbey is often known as Britain's church or Britain's spiritual place. Every king since 1066 has been crowned in Westminster Abbey, and queens too, all British monarchs are crowned there. So, it's a very small church, but it's extremely historic. So it is no surprise that Westminster Abbey comes with a few ghost stories of their own.

Hauntings at Westminder Abbey

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier resides in Westminster Abbey an unknown British soldier killed during the first World War. And he is located near the exit, you can go there today and look at his gravestone. It's often been reported that the figure of a World War I British infantryman, or as they were more commonly known, Tommies, is seen standing by the graves looking down on certain evenings of the year.

Ghost of Father Ignatius

Another very interesting and interactive ghost at the Abbey, is known as Father Ignatius. What's particularly interesting about him is most people see and communicate with Father Ignatius, don't realize he is a ghost. He appears to be a monk, dressed as a monk, dressed in a monk's robe. He has communications with people, and was reported in the 1950's to talk with a couple of tourists who believed he was actually a resident of the abbey. And they belive that right up until the point that Father Ignatius backs away and walks through a wall and disappears.

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